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Ferguson is feeling very sorry for himself today after he had ‘the’ operation that most male dogs have when you don’t want them to reproduce. There has been plenty of tears, on both sides, but he is finally settling and I made sure he was beautifully clean before he had his visit to the vets thanks to some fabulous products from Higgins & Lyla and Monster Pet.

Even though Ferguson is a short haired border collie, just the sight of mud and he is absolutely covered in it. He is so hard to keep clean which means my house also end ups caked in it and bath times are not easy! He loves to swim and loves deep puddles, the muddier the better, but the bath? Na…. he would rather give that one a miss. I need products that work first time and with as little fuss as possible, here are our favourites.

Higgins and Lyla kindly sent us two of their shampoos to try – Beautiful Fur with Olive Leaf Extract and Moroccan Argan Oil & Ginger which retail at £6.99 each. The shampoo is thick and creates a great lather which makes bath times that little bit easier as it spreads better on Ferguson’s fur. It washes out quickly leaving a smooth and shiny coat that smells lovely. Just what he needs after rolling in horse poo.

The Furminator is the best dog grooming product I have ever used. Ferguson and I were invited to a party a few weeks ago with the guys at Monster Pet Supplies (I’ll tell you more about that in a post soon) which is where we tried out this little beauty and I was hooked. Naturally before attending a party he had been washed and combed. Used this whilst we were at the party and just one brush saw it filled with hair.

At £33.50 for the medium dog long hair option it certainly isn’t cheap but it is perfect for the moulting season and I know my hoover would need to be used more if it wasn’t for this nifty little gadget.They are actually on sale at Monster Pet Supplies at the moment if you want to grab one a little bit cheaper.

I have talked about Pethead’s Oatmeal Paw Butter before and finally got my hands on some at the Monster Pet Supplies party. It contains shea butter, oatmeal, coconut oil and aloe vera to soften your pups dry paws and it amazing for colder days when they are in and out of different temperatures. It also helps to form a barrier between their pads and the floor preventing damage, a wonder product for me!



Higgins and Lyla also stock some cute dog collars and sent me this sparkly red number with a bow for Ferguson. Unfortunately it was too small so I gifted it to my dog walker’s beagle Mia, doesn’t she look beautiful? The little bow is a lovely touch and shows off the sparkles beautifully.

How do you keep your pooch looking their best?