You’re Pawfect Grooming Services

All grooming services (excluding additional treatments) include two or more thorough washes with our wonderfully scented, vegan Wildwash shampoo and conditioner range. This range is available to buy in store.


Full Groom Long Haired Breed:


This is a treatment for long haired dogs that require styling, clipping and/or scissoring, a nail trim and an ear clean/plucking.


Toy size - £40 (1/1.5 hours)


Small/medium size- £45 (1.5/2 hours)


Large size - £55 (2/2.5 hours)


Giant size - £70 (3/3.5 hours)



Full Groom Smooth Haired Breed:


This is a thorough bath and blow dry for dogs that don’t require any trimming. It comes with a nail clip and an ear clean.


Toy size - £25 (45 mins to 1 hour)


Small/medium size - £30 (1 hour)


Large size - £35 (1.5 hours)


Giant size - £45 (1.5/2 hours)



Bath, blow dry and brush out only:


Toy size - £20 (30 mins)


Small/medium size - £25 (45 mins/1 hour)


Large size - £30 (1 hour)


Giant size - £40 (1.5/2 hours)



Puppy groom


Puppy grooms are essential for little ones that have had their vaccinations and are ready to face the world. Bringing them in for a groom at an early age means that they get used to the whole experience, so they aren’t scared when they eventually need a ‘Full Groom’. Puppies shouldn’t have their fur styled until they are around 6 months old (unless exceptional circumstances) as doing so before can damage their coats and lead to future problems.


This entails a bath, blow dry and brush out, a tidy around the eyes, bottom and feet and a nail trim/ear clean. All of these things are carried out in a very calm and encouraging manner so the pupper can have the most positive experience possible.


Puppy grooms are £25. (1 hour)

This price may vary if the puppy has knots or is matted. (If matted in places 1.5 hours)



Additional services:


Dog/cat nail trimming: £10 (15/20 mins)


Feet tidy: £15 (15/20 mins)


Face tidy: £12 (15/20 mins)


Face and feet tidy: £20 (30 mins)


Nail trim, feet tidy and Wildwash paw/nose moisturiser: £20 (35 mins)


You’re Pawfect Super Pooch Pampering service: £35 (45 mins)

This includes a face, feet and hygiene tidy, a nail trim and file, an ear clean and any plucking necessary, a paw massage with Wildwash vegan paw balm, a nose moisturising balm, finished with a spritz of our Kennel No.5 perfume.


Paw massage: £10 (15 mins)


Matting fee: £5 to £10


Flea charge £10


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