Dog café

Retreat from the heat and relax in our first floor vegan café. Perfect window seat to watch those silly humans going on about their day. Pop your paws up and enjoy a puppuccino or some of the snuffle-tastic Brighton based vegan treats; Snaffles. You are welcome to bring your human to enjoy the calming peaceful atmosphere and join you in the hooman watching.
Residents Higgins & Lyla are here most weekends, so please come for a meet and greet. 
Pup in and sign our mailing list for the bi-monthly events; from movie night, speed dating, scavenger hunt and more.

Menu for you and your human:
Vegan dog café menu

for your human - all vegan

Vegan Coconut Pain Au Chocolat £2.30
Fresh laminated dough filled with dark chocolatel and an almond cream.
Topped with toasted coconut, this is baked to a perfect rise.
Vegan Croissant £1.90
Vegan dough is made using a plant based margarine and oat milk
Vegan Pain Au Chocolat £2.00
Using the same dough as for our vegan croissants, this fresh laminated dough filled is filled with dark chocolate and baked to perfection.

woof... for you

Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter and Turmeric L70p S40p
Pea, Mint and Spirulina. L70p S40p
snaffles party mix bag £6.50 
snaffle single handmade biscuit 50p
puppuccino with carob & snaffle £1.50


bowls of water free all day everyday
latte S£2.50 D£3:00
cappuccino S£2.50 D£3:00
mocha S£2.50 D£3:00
flat white S£2.50 D£3:00
americano S£2.50 D£3:00
macchiato S£2.50 D£3:00
espresso S£1.50 D£2:00
diet coke & zero sugar coke 90p
smart water £1.20
orange juice £1.20

Brighton dog caféBrighton dog caféBrighton dog cafeBrighton dog cafeBrighton dog cafeBrighton dog café