Coco Jojo Cooling Towel

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Coco Jojo Cooling Towel 

Size: 66x43cm

The CoCo JoJo Cooling Towel is a great toy for keeping your dog cool and hydrated in summer.

Ideal for Keeping your pet cool in the hot weather.

Fast Effective Cooling solution for your pet.

Help maintain your pet at a healthy temperature for hours in hot weather.

Great for dogs, cars and smaller pets.

Made from Non-toxic breathable material.

Designed with highly absorbent PVA material cooling your pet quicker.

Helps to shade you pet’s back from the direct sun.

How to use:

Wash before use.

Before each use soak the towel in cold water and wring out any excess before placing over your pet.

Once your pet is wearing the towel, if water is fully evaporated, simply pour over additional water from a bottle or other water source.

Even with this cooling towel your pet may not be fully protected from the heat and should be monitored regularly.

Note We do not recommend leaving dogs unattended with this product especially dogs that chew and replace the towel if there are any signs perforation.