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Sintra Naturals Pet Care Collection

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Want to gift something special for the pet lovers ? This unique gift set is thoughtful ,zero waste and all natural.


It is packaged zero waste in a upcycled wash bag which is very robust and wipe clean and good for using it later for variety of purposes.



1 pet shampoo bar ( best seller 75GRAMS)

1 pet wonder balm 60 GRAMS

1 room fresca spray 100ML



The main concerns i hear from my pet lover friends is that pet skin is very much prone to dryness and itchiness and cause lot of discomfort.

This balm is made with shea butter ,Hemp seed oil and andiroba oil and enhanced with comfrey root extract no essential oils or fragrances.

how is this balm different?

Shea butter gives extreme moisture and protects the sensitive areas of pets body , Hemp seed oil is excellent anti inflammatory oil which can help with variety of issues like itchy and watery noses and dry and scaly paws or when the pets become old they get infections in the folds of the skin this balm will help to soothe it.

Andiroba oil is a miracle oil which is scientifically proved to cure bug bites and has the capacity to repel various insects.

finally the comfrey root extract soothes and repairs the skin.

Can be used in cats and dogs and all over body just keep away from eyes.



This is a new unique product we are launching in few weeks but we decided to include it in our gift set for christmas.

This room spray is made with zinc ricinoleate which has excellent odour neutralizing properties and is completely natural it can eliminate pet odours even the most strong ones.

Made with just water , zinc R and essential oils and nothing else this natural room spray is so divine and eco friendly


please dont spray on the pet just in the air and safe on linens but i recommend doing a patch test first .